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Ever wonder how to find your way around the whole gamut of marketing?. How to get the most of it, getting your ROI and brand affinity?.

Since the introduction of Marketing into the world of business, it has become a game-changer for several companies across various industries. However, this game-changer has affected most, negatively.

The economic downturn that has affected many nations across the globe rippling to many industries and companies and has left companies with little or absolutely no budget for marketing. And, hey,  if the budget is there the Marketing efforts had better be worth it.

2016 has been the year of the unexpected and several economic policies that are really biting the purse of many companies- talk of the mass retrenchment of workers across several industries even government parastatals are not left unscathed. So the truth is, everyone wants a break from any activity that doesn’t look like it will bring in more cash, even companies are not left behind this is 2017, everyone wants a fresh start (for those with the budget).

Below are some effective and vital tips to make the most of your marketing.

1. Make use of INFLUENCE not FAME

The world of influencer marketing is taking the world by storm. Believe me, this is almost too insane for traditional marketer, this is because the most (if not the only) effective marketing strategy that was thought in schools in the 80-90s and even early 2000s is the popular Celebrity branding or celebrity endorsement—

a form of advertising campaign or marketing strategy used by brands, companies, or a non-profit organization which involves celebrities or a well-known person using their social status or their fame to help promote a product, service or even raise awareness on environmental or social matters“-Wikipedia

This form of marketing has been proven to cost organizations “an arm and a leg” and trust me, in this day an age, this form is not as effective as it used to be. End-users are growing smarter by the day and the authenticity of your campaign will be questioned: you tell me Don Jazzy uses a Tecno F7 before or after an ad campaign.

The truth is after several decades of using this tactic (insulting the intelligence of end-users), the facade on celebrity endorsements will finally come open (because it is fast breaking off) and brands will come to realize that fame does not automatically bring or equal influence.

The next big thing is using Influencers, companies, and agencies who are exploring the use of Market Influencers will be at the forefront of their industries, saving more money and getting the best ROI.  This type of marketing “identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.“–Wikipedia

A foray into 2017 and beyond Digital Marketing predictions by experts shows that: Companies and agencies who build practices around influencer marketing will win.

2. Create Awesomely Amazing  Headlines That Converts Leads

You need to make sure you have strong headlines that easily stick to the memory of the reader. So leave complexities, and do more of simple and catchy, as those headlines can draw people’s attention and help you ultimately gain more customers.

In digital marketing, it is not just enough to have a headline. So in writing a great headline, take your time, leave the write-up, take a walk, then come back with a fresh inspiration for that catchy and retaining headline that sells your product. The truth is, your headline determines the impact of your campaign.

Imagine a campaign has a headline that reads ” This is the latest automobile that gives a great mileage in less time from take-off- the very best in the market”- (okay that sounds gibberish right?) and wonder why the campaign is not impactful.

Simplicity and clarity are the key words here, ensure your headline (or better still product USP) is short, catchy and memorable.

3. Show gratitude to your clients- Nothing bites harder than buying from an unappreciative vendor

Just as you want a positive feedback from your customers on services rendered or products sold to them, have you ever stop to think that your customers also want a response from you after purchasing a service or product. They appreciate being thanked in different ways, as they decided to trust the products and services you offered.

Ensure your marketing team makes it a priority to show gratitude to your clients on social media or via email (Word of Caution-Don’t do it looking like a stalker). This will ultimately make them feel valued (like they are the center of your world; which they are) and enhance their loyalty to the brand and its products.

4. Want to get more prospects–Put a personal touch to your campaign

Have you ever stop to think that they are a digital market doesn’t make them less of a potential customer than a walk-in prospect?.

Yeah, but that is the truth, your online market interface with you, the difference is you got to convince them to trust you without looking into their eyes, which is pretty hard. That’s why you have to make it as personal as you can.

To have an effective marketing done, you need to realize that just because you are marketing in a digitalize space doesn’t mean your campaign should be without a personal element. Digital marketers have failed to realize that digital marketing strategies are more personalized than the traditional marketing strategies. Ensure your online marketing activities offer personalized campaigns, services and responses to your customers just like you would in a brick-and-mortar office, the best way to achieve this is through the automation of your CRM (read more about CRM).

5. Build credibility before you engage social media selling

For anyone to accept your selling message especially when they are a Digital Market Prospect, then they have to be trusted, and hey why blame them,  your company may be genuinely selling great products and services, but are the others doing so? ( Moreso, we all have our experiences).

Hence, it is of utmost importance that you build credibility first with your potential (online) customers before you hit them with your marketing messages.

It’s really not nice to think otherwise, especially when you are on social media, It’s absolutely gruesome to start a Facebook page, an Instagram or twitter page and immediately start bombarding users with ads for your latest product, your latest special offer etc, it creates “Ad-message fatigue” for your audience, who most times will just automatically filter those messages out and they will most likely to unfollow your page.

Bring them onboard with stories and messages that matters a lot to them without the request for payments, post links to articles that help them out with their everyday lives or their businesses needs, (center this around what your business does). Those articles could be written by you or other but they should be very helpful, you could post short videos giving tips and advice etc.

This way, you ultimately build credibility by engaging with these potential customers, who will most likely join conversations, ask questions, then and only then,  let your product/service be a solution.

In the world of marketing, the credibility built over time  is what your prospects/customers feel obligated to reciprocate.


This is where I draw the curtain on this one (for now), Now this is the Holy Grail you should hold dear and remember (even if you forget everything outlined above), In the year 2017 stop micromanaging,- your marketing team, your strategies, social media, CRM etc.  Build credibility and it’s easier built when you allow others tell your story from a place of truth and authenticity.

Free free to share your own digital marketing tips here

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