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The Effective Marketing Tips; Getting the most of your Marketing efforts.

Ever wonder how to find your way around the whole gamut of marketing?. How to get the most of it, getting your ROI and brand affinity?.

Since the introduction of Marketing into the world of business, it has become a game-changer for several companies across various industries. However, this game-changer has affected most, negatively.

The economic downturn that has affected many nations across the globe rippling to many industries and companies and has left companies with little or absolutely no budget for marketing. And, hey,  if the budget is there the Marketing efforts had better be worth it.

2016 has been the year of the unexpected and several economic policies that are really biting the purse of many companies- talk of the mass retrenchment of workers across several industries even government parastatals are not left unscathed. So the truth is, everyone wants a break from any activity that doesn’t look like it will bring in more cash, even companies are not left behind this is 2017, everyone wants a fresh start (for those with the budget).

Below are some effective and vital tips to make the most of your marketing.

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Webroot Introduces Cloud-based Cybersecurity Solution

At Arcadia, we constantly strategize and implement hit-the-bulls eye marketing campaign that makes our clients the cynosure of their target market. We implement bespoke marketing solutions that do not only fit our clients budget but also efficiently meet their needs.

Our client Ethnos IT Solutions Limited wanted exposure for her product “Webroot the NextGen Cloud  based Cybersecurity”, with their budget in view and a proficient team on call, we crafted the marketing campaign message and strategies to meet their requirement.

The major target market for the product “Webroot” are attracted to the Dailies (Newspaper; online and hard copy). So we decided to make our product a Hot Technology News Story. Read the Press Release we made for the product in one of the National Dailies (This Day Newspaper) below.

Webroot, a new generation cloud-based cybersecurity solution has been introduced in Nigeria to protect computer systems from hackers and phishers.

Webroot is a new generation protection solution that gives users full control of their data and assets with maximum protection from hackers and phishers.

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