In a fast changing digital world, exams bodies, as well as established certification and licensure programs are rapidly converting the mode of taking their exams from paper-and-pencil test programs to computer-based test (CBT) programs, to afford them more flexibility, security, speed and accuracy of test results (without human influence and/or bias).

At Arcadia, we offer a wide range of professional services in proffering and deploying a flexible and scalable CBT system which includes but to limited to assisting with the design of your assessment system, creation, deployment and operations of your custom CBT solution.

Our CBT solutions allow to easily and efficiently supplement your internal resources with our faster customization and successful deployment.

Our professional consulting services includes the following:

Software customizations and extensions

Systems integration

Strategic advisory services for education bodies/associations, states, school districts, corporate organizations and human resource organizations.

At Arcadia, we proffer and implement CBT solutions (open-source and custom) that allow a full testing for licensure, certification, assessment and educational testing programs. Our clients access our top-notch professionalism and expertise throughout the entire testing lifecycle, from computer-based testing, to result management.