As part of our managed services, we offer Reputation management (sometimes referred to as Rep Management, Online Reputation Management or ORM). With this purposeful service, we help our clients to shape public perception of their brands, products, services as well as Personal Brand Image.

Our Public Relations experts are trained and retrained to monitor the reputation of an individual or a brand on the internet, address content which is potentially damaging to it while using customers’ feedback solutions to get the pulse of the market or early warning signals to reputation problems.  We bridge the gap between how our clients’ perceives themselves and how others view them.

Our Reputation Management Services Include:

cropped-logo_a.png  Crisis Management

cropped-logo_a.png  Issues & Reputation Management

cropped-logo_a.png  Stakeholders Relations & Engagement

cropped-logo_a.png  Integration of Corporate Identity Collateral


cropped-logo_a.png  Editorial Management (House Journal & Custom Publishing)

cropped-logo_a.png  Media Relations

cropped-logo_a.png  Brand Activation

cropped-logo_a.png  Sponsorship Advice & Evaluation

cropped-logo_a.png  Exhibitions and Conferences

cropped-logo_a.png  Media Database Management

cropped-logo_a.png  Media Relationship & Engagement

cropped-logo_a.png  Media Monitoring and Analysis

cropped-logo_a.png  Editorial Profiling