This is an approach employed by businesses to manage their day to day interaction with current and potential future customers, helping to analyze data about customers’ history with the company; improving the business relationships with customers. CRM is built to specifically focus on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth for the organization.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a strategy that helps you understand your customer’s needs and requirements in order to ultimately optimize your interactions with them. CRMs helps to create stronger relationships with former, current and prospective clients while aiding in maximizing your marketing and customer service capabilities to afford better customers’ satisfaction.

We at Arcadia have come to the realization that Business Development for the 21st-century business is more than prospecting, cold calling and making the sale, then closing up every relationship with the client till the next sales cycle. In today’s business sphere the business has to be able to build relationships with their existing and prospective clients no matter the size of the business vibrant market.

At Arcadia, we help our clients access the power of CRM by building custom CRM or implementing software from OEMs that effectively helps in the compilation of data from a range of different communication channels, some of which includes company’s website, telephone, email, live chat, marketing materials, and social media platforms and campaigns.

Our Custom-made or proprietary CRM solutions are designed to help businesses learn more about their target audiences and how to best meet the needs and expectations of their clients.

With our custom built and deployed CRM, you can keep tab of key customer information such as contacts, communications, accounts, purchases as well as their preferences. This is designed to allow you match your customers’ needs with your products and services.

Our proprietary software and custom-made CRM solutions are designed to help you achieve the following benefits amongst others:

Know and identify your best and loyal customers

Effectively enriching and customize the way you communicate with your customers helping to build a great brand for your business.

Get more results in your marketing activities by managing your marketing campaign.

Help you to serve a wider geographical region effectively

Your database can be accessed centrally; all your employees across various departments can access a single database to view and update customer data thereby improving customer service, loyalty, as well as customers’ retention.

Your customers and prospects can be segmented with demographics, enabling you to customize marketing or sales campaigns

Our deployed CRM solutions allow for effective prospect tracking; helping to track your sales leads from start to close at the same time, analyzing closing probabilities and ratios; proposals, products, and pricing for each of your prospects.

With a CRM reporting and revenue forecast is made easy as you can use automated reporting and trend analysis; helping you to make decisions faster and better.

CRM solutions are of utmost importance to large, medium and small business; even if you operate a very small business, the deployment of a fit-for-purpose solution is pivotal to the growth of your business in a digitalized business world.

Hence, our teams of IT experts are trained and retrain to offer the best solution that meets your technology need at an affordable price.