ERP is a powerful business tool that has helped several businesses including the Fortune 100 companies achieve seamless work processes and a high competitive advantage.

ERP is a contraction for Enterprise Resource Planning, even the full name says little on the potency of this software and its effect on the overall productivity and revenue increase of organizations.

For you to better understand ERP; take a look at and think about all of the important and varying processes that are essential to running a business, such as, sales and lead capture, inventory and order management, accounting, human resources, payroll, customer relationship management (CRM), and beyond. At its most basic level, ERP software help to integrate all these critical and various functions (needed for effective management) into a complete system that streamline processes and information across an organization.

ERP allows for the provision of an integrated and continuously updated information analysis of core business processes using a unified database system that is maintained by a management system. It helps organizations to effectively track business resources such as cash, raw materials, production capacity etc.

ERP system(s) integrates various organizational/structural systems, helping to facilitate error-free production and transactions, hence, enhancing the overall organizations’ efficiency. We design and build ERP solutions that help your employees do their jobs more efficiently; breaking down the barriers and divide that causes a disjoint between units of your business, allowing you ROI.

Below are some features of our ERP solution:

cropped-logo_a.png Analytic Accounting

cropped-logo_a.png Bank Reconciliation

cropped-logo_a.png Budgeting & Forecasting

cropped-logo_a.png Tax Preparation

cropped-logo_a.png Accrual-Based Costing

cropped-logo_a.png Billing & Invoicing

cropped-logo_a.png Custom Dashboards

cropped-logo_a.png Predictive Analytics

cropped-logo_a.png Scorecards

cropped-logo_a.png Custom Reports

cropped-logo_a.png Role-Based Dashboards

cropped-logo_a.png Customer Self-Service

cropped-logo_a.png Field Service Management

cropped-logo_a.png Knowledge Base

cropped-logo_a.png Custom Design

cropped-logo_a.png Custom Pricing

cropped-logo_a.png Customer Reviews

cropped-logo_a.png Shopping Cart

cropped-logo_a.png Employee Self-Service

cropped-logo_a.png Leave Management

cropped-logo_a.png Performance Review

cropped-logo_a.png Recruiting

cropped-logo_a.png Payroll

cropped-logo_a.png Time & Attendance

cropped-logo_a.png Inventory Forecasting

cropped-logo_a.png Multi-Location

cropped-logo_a.png Reorder Triggers

cropped-logo_a.png Tagging

cropped-logo_a.png CMMS

cropped-logo_a.png Fixed Assets

cropped-logo_a.png Change Control

cropped-logo_a.png Lean Manufacturing

cropped-logo_a.png Sampling

cropped-logo_a.png Quality Management

cropped-logo_a.png Gantt Charts

cropped-logo_a.png Issue Tracking

cropped-logo_a.png Resource Management

cropped-logo_a.png Commissions

cropped-logo_a.png Lead Management

cropped-logo_a.png Marketing Automation

cropped-logo_a.png Email/SMS Marketing

cropped-logo_a.png Supplier Self-Service

ERP solutions allow you and your employees(restrictive rights can be included) have access to accurate and real-time information that empowers them to make better decisions faster, helping to eliminate redundant business processes and systems; lowering the overall cost of doing business.

The application that makes up the ERP System(s) built for our clients are designed to make the system share data across various departments (manufacturing, purchasing, sales, accounting, etc.) that are designed to provide the system with data.  This Software facilitates the flow of information between our clients’ business functions as well as help to manage connections with other stakeholders.

Our ERP Solutions takes off the complexity of running your business, helping to simplify all your operations. Our Solutions are flexible and easily scalable to support your entire business.