Do you seek to make your e-learning fun for users to encourage their participation?, at Arcadia, we use mini-games, points, badges and rewards to make e-learning amazingly fun;  providing learners with a great learning experience that get them addicted to constant learning.

We provide integrated and enhanced formal and informal real-time or offline learning to our clients, effectively helping them to manage different departments (clients, vendors or partners) within the same LMS instance using a single database.

Our LMS system is structured to help organizations or education institutions engage and manage clients, students, and partners in accessing their own unique learning content, only visible them.

At Arcadia, we offer Open Source or custom made Learning Management System (LMS) for learning that provides both education institutions and corporate entities avenues for collaboration or discussion and allows their employees and trainees to acquire knowledge by distance learning using various tools such as social media platforms, forums etc.

We help our clients deploy the use of Open Source LMS with great features to engage and motivate their learners, reward performance and improve communications across organizations or educational institutions.

We help you get world-class training at your convenience. With our deployed solutions you can access your learning anytime, anywhere and on any device; learners, educators, and clients can easily access their training from tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices from anywhere in the world- we call this Classroom Without Borders!.

Our solutions allow you to sell your e-Learning courses online, allowing you to create good revenue for your organization. Arcadia LMS seamlessly integrates with WordPress, Shopif,  Woocommerce, Magento, Paypal, and more, to help you get your courses to a wider audience, impacting more people and regenerating a viable mode of income for your company. Arcadia deploys LMS that also supports SSO (Single Sign On), auto-enrollment and any other “shopping cart” feature you might require.

At Arcadia, we pride ourselves in the deployment of state-of-the-art LMS which offers an easy to use and user-friendly interface. It can seamlessly integrate with applications such as CRMs, eCommerce, collaborative working tools etc.

We implement solutions that combine the power of traditional virtual classroom-based e-Learning methodology with various cutting-edge techniques to achieve fun for learners and a competitive advantage for our clients. Such techniques include but not limited to gamification, social learning, and multi-tenancy.

We at Arcadia believes e-learning should be active, fun and engaging, and our team of experts constantly work hard to create a culture of innovation that gives us the edge.