PHP is an open source technology, it is available free of costs under an open source license.

In today’s digitalized world, there is a wide acceptance of PHP amongst application developers and users as it boasts of great functionality, customizable and interactive web applications.  Being a server side scripting language; PHP applications has successfully gained huge popularity over the past few years, making it a first choice scripting language for many.

With debugging methods that are a lot less complicated and time-consuming, PHP has become more preferable. Moreso, PHP supports a lot of databases like Oracle and MySQL, hence it has become a resourceful tool for web application development.

At Arcadia, we love to tell our clients that the benefits of using PHP to develop your applications are almost limitless; PHP based applications can be developed to incorporate Java in them, thereby providing a better user experience.

In a digitalized business world where IT has become an integral part of any business and companies (small or big) who do not have an interactive and fully functional website as their web presence, are constantly faced with the risk of loss of customers as a result of competition in the market.

At Arcadia, we provide world class PHP Application Development to our clients, giving them a competitive advantage ahead of the competition.

Our PHP developers are skilled in the art of creating compelling PHP based applications using the best and latest tools in the world of PHP. At Arcadia, we ensure that our clients receive the very best, irrespective of the size and scope of the project.

We pride ourselves on being the best in providing quick solutions for small and medium businesses. Our experienced PHP developers are trained and retrained to offer interactive and compelling PHP website/ applications to our clients irrespective of their budget or the size of their company.

At Arcadia, we deliver most comprehensive PHP web applications and solutions across several industries, giving them scalability, flexibility, and improved collaboration. We offer our clients custom-made PHP solutions to comply with the business objectives, organizational structure, and workflow of their business.

We use PHP Solutions to provide the following (and more) solutions offering to our clients:

Custom Ecommerce Application for tailor made online shopping.

Custom Application, that proficiently helps you to make your business and processes online.

Web services and Web API development and integration process.

CRM and CMS development.

Plug-ins and components development to enhance your current web application without changing the original form of the application.

Web portal development for different fields eg, finance, travel, share & stocks, community, fashion, affiliates network, entertainment, hotel, and restaurants amongst others.

Based on the latest technology standards and frameworks, our PHP based solutions are designed to deliver maximum ROI and reduces the overall development cost whilst transforming the entire workflow of an organization’s system.