Staying Ahead of the competition means going digital; differently.

The Task:

A 28-year-old computer hardware and software retailer need to reposition its online presence to better serve its customers.

Large Michael’s Limited an indigenous company fully incorporated in Nigeria in 1989 has a business philosophy of being a one-stop-shop in the area of Information Technology (IT) and providing support to its clients is faced with the challenge of being relevant to its young and vibrant customers.


Our Approach:

To better enhance its competitive advantage in a highly competitive business sphere, Large Michaels needs more than just online rebranding, this trusted brand needs an online shop, where its large clientele base can buy without hassles.

Our Solution

E-commerce solution

Mobile Website Development

Online Store Development

Social Media Integration

Web Design

Bespoke UI Design

Content Management System

Mobile Responsive Development

Blog Integration

Web Design

Web Development

Content upload and management

Technical Support

Training of in-house Shop-Admin

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